'Manufactured Wacko'

Stained and fused glass leaded panel


 Stained Glass -

     Small Panels                  






Painted, fused and leaded panel with

rose branch and thorns overlay

'Mermaid Dreaming'

Painted Mermaid

Window designed and fabricated by Pleasant View Glassworks,

Fenton, MI


'A Thin Line' 

Painted detail

 'A Thin Line' 

Stained and painted glass panel with

barbed wire overlay


'Modern Madonna'

'The Damned'

Based on medieval bas-relief

'The Lovers'

Based on a medieval design

'Night Mares'


'Wild Horse'

'The Zebras'

Painted portraits of family cats

'It doesn't....'

(get any better than this)

Painted grebe with baby

Shetland Sheepdog


'Running Hound'

Crouching Tiger




'New Woman'

Copper foil, fused and beaded hanging earring

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